In the last few months some of the operational and board of director activities that Marilyn Michaud was accountable for were reassigned to other DFNB staff with the purpose of creating a position that focused more on accounting, annual meeting organization, general office and building tasks and provide backup in the areas of producer pay services and milk direction. 

This new position was posted in May and a number of candidates were interviewed.  

On June 16 DFNB hired Delaney Lewis, a recent graduate of NBCC’s 2 year Business Administration Accounting program to fill that position.  Marilyn has already provided Delaney with an overview of the accounting tasks and will go over the DFNB annual meeting plans with her in August which will complete Marilyn’s transition of her remaining accountabilities.  We are certain that Delaney will assist you in finding answers to your questions or directing you to someone within DFNB who can. 

DFNB would like to thank Marilyn for the impeccable service and professionalism that she’s provided to the organization, its producers, vendors and customers since her initial start in 1980.