Based on the analysis of anticipated market requirements and lower butter stocks the P5 Boards announce one incentive day on a non-cumulative basis to conventional milk producers for the month of June.

The P5 board’s primary objective is to continuously monitor the milk market situation and meet demand in the most optimal way.

The table below provides a summary:

Incentive 2022

Agropur is proud to announce the launch of the 3rd edition of the Club of Excellence - Animal Welfare Award. This competition was created to recognize the concrete and exemplary actions in animal welfare implemented by Agropur members. It will be an opportunity to highlight the initiatives of our dairy producer members in the field of sustainable development.

During this competition, nominations will be evaluated by a jury made up of Agropur employees and experts in animal welfare.

Nominations must demonstrate the implementation of actions by members that:

1.Reflect excellent standards of animal welfare;

2.Can inspire producers to reproduce this model on their farm;

3.Project a positive image of the dairy industry to consumers.

The finalists and the Grand Champion will be recognized by our cooperative for their successes. In addition, the Grand Champion will be invited to an Associative Life event where they will be honoured for the time and effort devoted to animal welfare.

The nomination period for the Club of Excellence - Animal Welfare Award is now open!

To find out more or to download the nomination package visit the “Animal Welfare” section of the member’s extranet or send an email to

Nominations must be submitted online before 4:00 p.m. EST Friday, April 8, 2022.

Agropurs Club of Excellence Animal Welfare Award

Based on the analysis of anticipated market requirements and lower butter stocks outlook for the fall 2022 the P5 Boards announce the following conventional incentive days to be issued on a non-cumulative basis for the fall of 2022:

1 day in August, 2 days in each of the months of September and October, and 1 day in November.

The P5 board’s primary objective is to continuously monitor the milk market situation and meet demand in the most optimal way. Given these uncertain times we will continue to adapt production signals to address market changes, as required.

The table below provides a summary of 2022 Incentive Days:


Fellow Farmers,

I will try to give you periodic updates after major events, or when warranted.

DFNB had their requested policy session this week in Fredericton. We had approximately 40 delegates who attended the two-day meeting March 17 & 18th.

A lot of positive feedback was received regarding the whole atmosphere of the meeting. It was described as less formal than our AGM and delegates felt more relaxed.

A big thank you goes out to Fundy Agricultural Services and Grant’s Feed Mill/Custom work for hosting a hospitality suite at room 717.

Hanna Conroy and Mike Bouma were introduced as this year's DFNB leader participants.

Lots of discussion took place over a variety of topics. We had several presentations informing the delegates of the latest market info and other relevant information.

We also included a thought-provoking questionnaire of some topics that the board is not currently looking at but might potentially come down the pipeline.

Some of the topics discussed, however, were topics that initiated this policy session in the first place.

Delegates had the questionnaire emailed to them so they could vote during the evening of the first day, at their convenience without outside pressures.

There were a few small IT hiccups that happened with the questionnaire. Some delegates were not able to receive the email with the survey information. Once we were made aware of these IT issues, we set up a secure computer so that those who hadn’t yet completed the questionnaire could do so over breakfast on the morning of the second day. Despite these issues, I believe this way of voting was well received.

In a short board meeting following the policy session the board review the feedback received from producers and took the following actions:

Quota Exchange: The April 2022 quota exchange, and subsequent exchanges, will be done with full Iteration.

Credit Exchange: After Aug 2022:  When you want to sell credits, you need to be below zero days, if you want to buy credits, you need to be above zero days and you cannot buy or sell yourself lower than zero. The max of 8 days trading (25%) will not change. There will be no black out days.

Sleeve Modification: DFNB will do it's very best to ensure that all producers are aware of the change of the sleeve from -30 to minus 15 day by Aug 1, 2022. You have 4 CE left to sell your credits if you're lower than  -15 days. If you are lower than minus 15 days on July 31, 2022, your days will reset to -15 on Aug 1, 2022. Those lower days will be gone.

DFNB will not entertain any producer requests asking for an exemption when it comes to selling more credits, more than the maximum eight days, or extending the timeline past Aug 1, 2022.

Mileage Compensation: A motion was made and carried, to adopt the annual CRA mileage recommendation starting April 1, 2022. For this year, this will mean an increase based on that recommendation from $0.45, to $0.58/km.

Promotion: DFNB approved its NB Promotion budget for calendar year 2022, as part of this budget DFNB will be sending each local milk committee the sum of $10,000. Locals can use these funds to support events in their community that they believe will increase the recognition of the dairy industry as well as the consumption of Canadian dairy products.

Spring Area meetings:  Virtual. Hope we can meet as a group in our respective areas, have a nice lunch and lots of conversation.

Fall area meetings: We will do in person, with DFNB staff and some DFNB exec present, just like we used to do it years past.

As of right now, our AGM will be the same format as years past, but it's subject to change.

One more thing that was brought up at the post DFNB board meeting: Some producers have difficulty accessing the secure DFNB portal, and/or having difficulty reading their milk statement, and might not be sure where they are in their credit day situation.

You need the portal to partake in the CE or look at your milk statement.

Again, staff at DFNB office is there to help you. Phone: 506-432-4330. It's all very confidential. Luke, Delaney, Ashley, any of them can answer your questions, or will find the answers for you.



Wietze Dykstra

Chairman, Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick 

Mobile: 506-325-8192


Important Update on Delivery of Tag Orders as of April 2022

Our tag manufacturer, Allflex, completed a Computer System Conversion in November 2021. Even though Allflex has restarted its production, they have not yet reached an optimal production rate to return to regular delivery turnaround times. The normal tag order delivery time frame is 3 to 4 weeks. Currently, delivery time is at 8 weeks, and this is expected to continue for future orders during the next few months as Allflex speeds up production to reduce the backlog of orders already placed.

Before your inventory gets too low, order your tags in advance allowing a lead time of 8 weeks before you will be out of tags.

What do I do if I am close to being out of tags?

If you are placing an order and your tag inventory is low, or have placed an order recently and are close to being out of tags and your new order has not yet arrived, contact the DairyTrace Customer Service representatives and they can assist you. I’m out of tags.

Will my proAction Livestock Traceability validation be impacted?

Whether you need tags to identify your calves for recording and reporting or have a proAction® validation coming up in the near future, contact DairyTrace Customer Service to assist you with your tagging needs. The DairyTrace Customer Service representatives are aware of the potential impact on farmers, and measures have been put in place to fast-track tag orders that are considered urgent.

DairyTrace Customer Service: Call 1-866-55-TRACE (1-866-558-7223) or email


Effective on the April 2022 Quota exchange DFNB will distribute sold quota on the quota exchange by 100% iteration.

Producers were first made aware of this change during the fall of 2021. At the 2021 DFNB AGM producer delegates passed a resolution to delay the implementation of the change from January 1, 2022 until April 1, 2022 to provide for additional time for producers to review, discuss and understand the implications of the policy change. At the March DFNB Policy Session delegates were given this opportunity and the feedback provided following this discussion showed a level of comfort with the policy change.

The DFNB Board of Directors made the decision to switch the distribution of sold quota on the exchange from 50% proration and 50% iteration to 100% iteration as the lack of quota available through the quota exchange raised concerns of equity between producers bidding on the exchange. With 50% of the quota being distributed through proration producers may feel the need to inflate their bids to ensure they receive the largest portion possible through proration. Distributing by 100% iteration removes this incentive to show a true depiction of the demand of quota in the province.

Based on the analysis of anticipated market requirements and lower butter stocks outlook for the balance of 2022, the P5 Boards have agreed to increase the saleable quota allocated to P5 producers by 2%, on April 1, 2022.

In addition, the P5 Boards announce one incentive day to be issued on a non-cumulative basis for the month of May.

The P5 provincial boards’ primary objective is to continuously monitor the milk market situation and meet demand in the most optimal way. Given these uncertain times we will continue to adapt production signals to address market changes, as required.

2022 Incentive Days:

March:    1 day

April:       1 day 

May:       1 day 

As you are aware the Dairy Cattle Code of Practice is currently being revised and the comment period is open until January 27th.

It is very important that all dairy producers review the changes to the code of practice and provide feedback to have your say in the future of Dairy Farming in Canada. At this time there have only been 2 comments submitted from all Atlantic Canada.

Dairy Farmers of Canada will be hosting a final information session to brief producers on the proposed changes on January 12th at 1pm Eastern.

Session Link:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting

Attached to this email you will also find information on how to have your say on the future of dairy farming in Canada.

A complete summary of the changes can be found at The Canadian Podcow have also released  podcast where they did an excellent job disucssing the proposed changes

Effective August 1, 2022 the producer flexibility sleeve will reduce from +10 to -30 days to +10 to -15 days. At this time all credits beyond -15 days will be lost. Producers who are in a credit position between -15 and -30 days will continue to recieve a letter with their statement informing them of their credit position. 

As a result of the producer flexibility sleeve modifications the following adjustments will be made to the credit exchange parameters effective August 1, 2022. 

Buyers: Producers who are in a positive (+) credit position ( 0 to +10 days) 

Sellers: Producer who are in a negative (-) credit positions (-15 to 0 days) 

Monthy limit: Lesser of 8 days or the number of days to buy or sell to 0, producer will not be able to sell or buy themselves beyond 0 days. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Ashley Baskin, Policy Analyst 506-432-4330 ext 105

Dairy farmers are asked to submit their names if they are interested in participating in DFNB’s dairy leadership mentorship program. There is no age limit on those who participate in the program. Those interested are asked to submit their names and a short biography to Dairy Farmers of New Brunswick’s office via email ( or fax 432-4333 on or before January 31st 2022.

The individuals selected will attend various virtual and in person (if permitted) meetings including 2 DFNB board meeting, DFC winter policy conference and DFC AGM.